Campaign Bucketing Seed

By default, a new Fullstack campaign considers the campaign ID while bucketing a user using its user ID. This helps in providing a much better experience to a user when the same user becomes a part of multiple similar campaigns. Disabling this option means a user will be exposed to the same variation of different similar campaigns.


Similar Campaigns

When traffic distribution, number of variations, and their respective weights of two or more campaigns are the same, they are referred to as similar campaigns. Pre-segmentation, whitelisting, or other things could vary.


Enable Bucketing Seed Option while creating a Campaign


Please Note

Once a campaign is started i.e. running, paused, or archived, this option can not be toggled for that campaign. This helps in providing a consistent experience to an already bucketed user throughout the journey of a campaign.


Enable Bucketing Seed Option while editing a Campaign


Supported SDKs

This is currently supported by Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby SDKs. We will soon be releasing this feature in other SDKs too.