Get Settings File

Each VWO SDK client corresponds to the settings file representing the current state of the campaign settings, that is, a list of FullStack running campaign settings. See Review core concepts for more information.


VWO SDK is a helper for executing various FullStack capabilities. It requires a certain set of settings for its work. These settings are related to your FullStack campaigns you create or update in the VWO application.
So, before instantiating the VWO SDK, settings file needs to be fetched.

The method accepts two parameters:

  • accountId - account-id associated with your VWO account.
  • sdkKey - generated inside the respective Project under the FullStack Testing.

Parameter Definitions

NumberYour VWO application's Account ID.
StringUnique environment-key provided to you inside the Projects section in VWO application..


Returns a Promise which on success returns the settings file which helps in Instantiating the VWO SDK. This method handles any error in fetching the settings file. Please follow the best practices to ensure that your app is prevented from crashing.

Settings FileObject | StringThe settings representing the current state of the running VWO FullStack campaings.


vwoSdk.getSettingsFile(accountId, sdkKey).then(function (settingsFile) {
  // ...launch SDK and call APIs

Syncing changes in Settings File

You can use polling or webhooks to keep your settings-file up-to-date with the VWO Application(changes you made in FullStack campaigns).