Get And Update Settings File

Once the SDK is launched properly, there might be scenarios later on when you need to fetch the latest settings-file and use that instead of the stale one to sync SDK and VWO application. You can do this by calling Get Settings File API and passing the fetched settings-file to the Launch API to re-instantiate the VWO SDK. Or, you can simply use the Get and Update Settings File API, available on the VWO Client Instance that is already available.


Get And Update Settings File API will fetch the latest settings-file from the VWO server and update the VWO Client Instance to use that. Every VWO SDK API used after this API will work according to the latest settings-file fetched.

The method accepts three parameters:

  • accountId - account-id associated with your VWO account.
  • sdkKey - generated inside the respective Project under the FullStack Testing.

Parameter Definitions

NumberYour VWO application's account-id.
StringUnique environment-key provided to you inside the Projects section in VWO application..
BooleanVWO SDKs require this to handle webhook generated settings-file requests differently.
Note: Only pass true when this API is used once the webhook is triggered.


Returns the fetched settings-file. If somehow the latest settings-file could not be fetched then the last fetched settings-file would be returned.

Settings FileObject | StringThe settings representing the current state of the running VWO FullStack campaigns.


Also, please refer to this section to know how to use this API.


SDK Support

This is available from v1.10 onwards.