How to launch SDK after fetching SettingsFile in Node.js

Since Node.js or JavaScript SDK fetches settings-file asynchronously, please ensure to launch SDK once the settings-file has fetched.



The below example demonstrates the wrong usage.

var vwoSDK = require('vwo-node-sdk');

// settingsFile will be a Promise Object, not the actual settings
var settingsFile = vwoSDK.getSettingsFile(accountId, sdkKey);

// This will log that settings-file is corrupted as settingsFile is a Promise Object instead of actual campaigns' settings
vwoClientInstance = vwoSDK.launch({
  settingsFile: settingsFile



The below example demonstrates how to use the SDK correctly.

var vwoSDK = require('vwo-node-sdk');

vwoSDK.getSettingsFile(accountId, sdkKey).then(function (data) {
  // ...launch SDK and call APIs
  vwoClientInstance = vwoSDK.launch({
  	settingsFile: data
  // Example:
  // vwoClientInstance.activate(campaignKey, userId, options)