Custom Events

To transmit custom events to VWO, create key-value pairs using the subsequent code. The keys should correspond to the event properties of the custom event you intend to dispatch.

HashMap<String, String> addToCartEvent = new HashMap<>();
addToCartEvent.put("productName", "VWO Insights");
addToCartEvent.put("productQuantity", 1);

VWOInsights.INSTANCE.sendCustomEvent("addToCart", addToCartEvent);

val addToCartEvent = HashMap<String, String>()
addToCartEvent["productName"] = "VWO Insights"
addToCartEvent["productQuantity"] = 1

VWOInsights.sendCustomEvent("addToCart", addToCartEvent)

This snippet dispatches a custom event named "addToCart" to VWO using the sendCustomEvent function.

Ensure that the event name (e.g., "addToCart") and the event property names (e.g., "productQuantity") are the same as defined by you in VWO under the Data360 module.