User ID

You can identify a user in the VWO SDK by using a string that identifies that user.
User ID can be set in the VWO Launch config.

User ID helps VWO identify a user across multiple devices, and allows it to serve the same variation to a user thus keeping the experience consistent.

For example, you may run a campaign on both iPhone and iPad. If a user installs both the iPhone app and iPad app, setting the user ID will allow VWO to serve the same variation for a campaign.

VWOConfig *config = [VWOConfig new];
config.userID = @"<uuid-for-the-user>";

[VWO launchForAPIKey:@"<your-api-key>" config:config completion:^{
    //completion code
} failure:^(NSString * _Nonnull error) {
    //error code
let config = VWOConfig()
config.userID = "<uuid-for-the-user>"

VWO.launch(apiKey: "<your-api-key>", config: config, completion: {
    //Completion code
}) { (errorString) in
    //Error code

Note that altering the traffic allocation among variations or total campaign traffic can break this. Also, changing targeting while the campaign is running is also not advisable.


Please note

User ID is used as hash and is not stored anywhere on the device or server.