Creating A/B Tests

Creating a mobile A/B Test requires starting a campaign on, and then making corresponding changes to it in the mobile app.

On the Mobile App A/B testing screen, select Campaigns > Create.


From the Choose an app drop-down, choose the app you want to test. All mobile apps you have added to VWO are listed here.
Select a platform where the app is running.
Enter a unique identifier in the Define a campaign key field to filter your tests easily. The campaign key helps you execute the custom logic, as explained in this Code Blocks section.


Click Next.

Click Add Variable. All the variables you have created for the test are displayed here. You can choose to Create Variable by adding a new test variable.

Next, select the variable you want to test, and then enter the variation value in the relevant fields. You can test multiple variables through one test.


In the example above, we have added the speed variable, and then defined 20 as the value of the variation.

For control, the value is 10, which is the default value of the variable.

You can use the code blocks shown in the test code to run custom logic for users in control or variation.

In the Goals step of campaign creation, we can add a goal to measure the performance of variations.


In the Finalize step of campaign creation, we can control the traffic percentage, schedule a campaign, customize traffic allocation for each variation, and target the campaign for specific user groups.