Pause/Resume Recording

Due to limitations of the Flutter platform on Android, the screen hiding feature from the VWO dashboard's 'Exclude elements/sections from screen recording' section may not work for certain frames.

To address this, we recommend using the pause and resume feature of our SDK. When you need to hide a screen, pause the recording before the screen appears. Similarly, to unhide a screen, resume the recording after the screen is dismissed.

The SDK will not record events or take screenshots while it is paused. Please note that this implementation is required only for Android.

To pause session recording before navigating to a screen you want to hide, use the below code.

import 'package:vwo_insights_flutter_sdk/vwo_insights_flutter_sdk.dart';
if (chosenScreen == "PersonalInformationScreen") {
    //Show screen which will be hidden in recording

To resume session recording after leaving the screen you wanted to hide, use the below code.

import 'package:vwo_insights_flutter_sdk/vwo_insights_flutter_sdk.dart';
void didPop(Route<dynamic> route, Route<dynamic>? previousRoute) {
    if ("/housing") == true) {
    super.didPop(route, previousRoute);