Offline Conversions

VWO SDK allows you to track conversions using trackConversion API. There could be scenarios when you would like to track conversions without using the SDK.

To understand this in detail, let's take an example, where you have your own centralized data-storage service which stores the information of all the events. Whenever a conversion happens at your application, you store the data in the storage service but the integrated tools like VWO do not know about this conversion. Let's assume you do not prefer real-time syncing of this data with VWO and therefore, you run a cron job at the end of the day to sync conversions data with VWO. To achieve this, you would want an HTTP API to send the conversions data of all the users who became part of the campaign back to VWO.

VWO offers an endpoint that you can use to mark a conversion for a particular user who became part of the campaign earlier, by calling it with the required parameters.

Endpoint Details

Endpoint -

Query Parameters

NameDescriptionData Type
VWO Account IDNumber
Example: 123456
ID of the running Mobile campaignNumber
Example: 123
MD5 UUIDString
Example: 5d7c94a905a54ae0ab3d6221c8f76f1d

Required if u is not passed
Human readable data
Note: Please ensure you do not pass any sensitive information. Please read our privacy principles.
String | Number
Example: [email protected], vwo-user-123,, etc.
The variation ID assigned to the User which he became part of the campaign(can be extracted from the detailed report CSV)Number
Example: 2(Variation-1), 1(Control), 10, etc.
The goal ID you want the conversion data to be associated with.Number
Example: 201
A unique random number to bust the cachingNumber | Double
Example: 0.25227311885823933
Revenue value. This is only required if the VWO campaign goal is of Revenue type.Number | Double
Example: 10000, 10.5


Please Note

If you pass user_id, then u is not required or will not be used by VWO server.

Example Usage;