Variation resource representation

idIntVariation Id

Note: Please ensure that variation Id is serial. For eg, if you have variations with ids 1,2,3 and you delete variation id 2, now you would have the variation ids 1, 2; 3 would be updated to 2
namestringVariation NameYes
isControlbooleanFlag which signifies if the variation is control variationNo
isDisabledbooleanFlag which signifies if the variation is disabled

Note: Please set the percentSplit to 0 for the given variation to disable it
percentSplitfloatPercentage Traffic allocated for variationYes
editorDataNested ObjectContains the JS/CSS changes created for the variationNo
editorData.stackliststack contains the list of the changes for the variationNo
heatmapThumbUrllinkLink for the heatmap thumbnailNo
screenshotslistContains the link of screenshots for the selected browsers for the variationNo
sectionIdintSection Id

Note: This would be 1 except the MULTIVARIATE campaign. It would be meaningful in that case only.



For adding js/css changes in variations, please use changes property in request body. These changes will be override any previous changes, if any.



Variation splitPercent will be equally distributed among all variations on the creation of a new variation, which can be updated via update request