Trigger Goals

For any campaign, we want to track conversion changes for the A/B test.

We can define goals on the VWO web portal during the campaign setup.


Whenever a user completes an action that we want to optimize, we can trigger a goal.

[VWO trackConversion:@"test_goal"];
VWO.trackConversion(goal: "test_goal")

If you trigger the above code snippet multiple times, the SDK counts the conversions only once per user.

Types of Goals

  • Triggers custom conversion
    A custom conversion goal is used for generic events when we want to record an event for a conversion. The above example was for this goal type.

  • Generates revenue
    This goal is useful when we want to track a revenue value with the conversion event. For example, if we are testing a purchase button, we would want to track the item value.
    Code sample for generating the revenue goal:

[VWO trackConversion:@"test_goal" withValue:@100];
VWO.trackConversion(goal: "test_goal", value: 100)



Your code can trigger a goal multiple times for a user, but the SDK makes sure that a conversion is only counted once per user.
This is done to avoid repetitive counting and to keep the campaign results consistent.