Push Custom Dimension

Pushes a custom dimension for a particular user to the VWO server. It is used for post-segmenting the data in the campaign reports.

Read here on how to create custom dimension in VWO



This is available from version 2.7.0 onwards.


The API method:

  • validates the parameters passed
  • sends a call to VWO server for associating the custom dimension for the same user that became part of the campaign.

The API method accepts a custom dimension key - customDimensionKey and custom dimension value - customDimensionValue.

customDimensionKey is the unique key associated with a particular custom dimension made in VWO application.

customDimensionValue is the value you want to tag a custom dimension with.

Parameter Definitions

StringThe custom dimension key to uniquely identify a custom dimension.
StringThe custom dimension value for a custom dimension.


// Replace custom dimension key and value with actual values
[VWO pushCustomDimension: @"CUSTOM_DIMENSION_KEY" withCustomDimensionValue: @"CUSTOM_DIMENSION_VALUE"];
// Replace custom dimension key and value with actual values
VWO.pushCustomDimension(customDimensionKey: "CUSTOM_DIMENSION_KEY", customDimensionValue: "CUSTOM_DIMENSION_VALUE")