Launch Configuration

You can set up VWO Config while initializing your VWO SDK. This is helpful if you want to perform the following tasks:

VWOConfig *config = [VWOConfig new];
config.optOut = YES;
config.customVariables = @{@"user" : @"free"};
config.disablePreview = YES;
config.userID = "[email protected]";
[config setCustomDimension:@"key" withCustomDimensionValue:@"value"];

[VWO launchForAPIKey:@"<your-api-key>" config:config completion:^{
  //Code executed after launch is complete
} failure:^(NSString * _Nonnull error) {
    // Failure handling
let config = VWOConfig();
config.optOut = true;
config.customVariables = ["user" : "free"];
config.disablePreview = true;
config.setCustomDimension(customDimensionKey: "VWO_CD_KEY", customDimensionValue: "CD_VALUE");

VWO.launch(apiKey: "<your-api-key>", config: config
  completion: {
       //Code executed after launch is complete     
    }, failure: { error in